Brazilian Slim Lipo


Brazilian Slim System™ using ultrasound therapy, is a non-invasive, non-anesthetic and non-scarring treatment that aims to target fat and tone the body. There is no downtime, just pre/post care and of course, a healthy manageable lifestyle.

How it works

  1. Ultrasound
    • targets fat cells
  2. Electrolyposis
    • for lymphatic drainage
  3. Muscle building
    • to tone the muscle, helping the skin to shrink as well

The amount of sessions and ideal results vary for everyone as to what their realistic goals are. Brazilian Slim System™ has helped many with body contouring, cellulite and muscle toning. Whether you need help to jump start your new lifestyle or have stubborn area(s) you have trouble with, Brazilian Slim System™ can definitely help.

You will see and feel results the same day!


  • 1 Session – $300
  • 5 Session Package – $1500
  • 10 Session Package – $2500
Approximately 2 hour booking time. Up your water intake 24 hours prior to your session. Have plenty of water, protein and vegetables post 48 hours. Must walk for 1 hour post appointment and 1 hour the following day. Refrain from alcohol, processed/deep fried/fast foods, sugars, carbohydrates post 48 hours after your session. Sessions are weekly.